Quality Assurance

Quality and safety is our top priority,we act following operation to make sure of safe teas.

1.  All of our teas are directly from gardens we know well where is the very   
     beginning origin of traceability and quality can be well controlled.

2.  All organic teas from gardens using no chemicals.

3.  All of our teas are sensory tested and approved by our specialized and
     experienced tea tasters.

4.  All of our teas meet food regulations of market countries ,according to test
     reports of independant labs such as EUROFINS,SGS.

5.  All of our leaf teas are sorted by color-sorting machine first and then by hands to avoid any impurities.

6.  Our tea business is on basis of sample approving, outturn samples are drawn from actual
      cargo lying at our own warehouse to ensure the representativity.

7. All teas are well kept at good condition warehouse and most premium loose
    leaf teas are cool stored to keep freshness.

8. We’ll inspect all cargo before shipment.

9. Quality management system well executed and  ISO22000/HACCP certified .

10.Our tea garden and processing plant are organic certified.

11.We keep learning to improve all the time.