Tea Garden

Our gardens are located at mountain areas of Guangxi ,Yunnan and Guizhou province
in south-west China.The altitude is about 800 – 1800 metres. It’s warm at gardens with
obvious temperature difference day and nigh. Rich soil, surronding forests, much cloud
and mist make it ideal places and possibleto plant pure teas by traditional method without
chemicals.Our gardens with eco-cycle system have been certifed EU and NOP organic .
The tea trees are mainly of white downy tea cultivar. There is much white hair on the
fresh leaves that can be made to different teas such as Green,Black,White,and dark tea.
The fine tree breed and nice natural environment make it possible to produce clean premium
teas with attractive tippy appearance,floral fragrance and sweet mellow taste.
The season begins March and ends November. During Spring mainly green tea and
white tea produced,Summer and Autumn is good season for black tea and dark tea.